The girl who looks up at the stars and wish...

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To the girl who looks up at the stars and wishes,

The nights are wonderful, aren't they? As the darkness hovers around, how secure we feel. Those eerie environs seem to be pristine. Their austerity marvels and leaves us spellbound. The light descends to give the niche for the darkness to occupy it. The cacophonies linger around us, piercing our ears – it tears us apart. It inflicts upon us a pain that causes our hearts to crumble, that seeps slowly into our insides and surprisingly we feel relieved. There is joy, an inexplicable ecstasy that covers our visage.

You have been talking to the moon for quite a while now. The moonlight beguiles you, captivates your senses. You have a hell lot of conundrum playing in your mind but as you catch a glance of the serene moon, you feel at peace with yourself. Nothing in this whole damn world can give you as much a reason to be happy as the moon. People appreciate the beauty and splendor of the moon but you are different. You don’t admire it, you worship it.

It is not merely a thing of beauty for you but it is a joy that will comfort you forever. You believe nights are the time when we could find solace in quietude. Darkness is the place where our tears could hide. The ugly faces do not show up in murky environs. Maybe, therefore, you love it. The seclusion has been your friend since you were a kid. The people – kids of your age – never interested you. And nor did you exhibited any interest towards them. This sounds definitely queer but to unveil the truth, one will have to drown in the depth of your soul. Demons have been chasing you and you are shying away from angels. It is because you want to see straight in the eyes of the fear and challenge its gruesome facade because you want to grow strong. 

The days find you lost but they were those somber nights which found you alive – totally under the control of your subconscious mind. You remained oblivion towards the radiant sun, the chirping of the birds, the purple horizon, the chaos at the crack of the dawn, the monotony of the lives running recklessly behind fame and peace.

From dawn to dusk, you wander like a vagabond who is absolutely clueless about her life. As the night approaches, your agility and alacrity are back. Behind those expressions of a lost girl, there lies a lass who has dreams.

Every night, when the entire world pulls up the blankets and enjoys in the land of dreams, you toil hard. You leave no stone unturned. Your enthusiasm and zeal and passion accompanies you throughout the night to realize what you want. Your soul is set on fire, your dampened spirits are lit. You crave for a change – a change that will transform and transcend you, a change that will break you free from shackles of turmoil, a change that will earn you respect.

To realize your vision of living a fulfilling life, you sit under those streetlights after the struggle of a long day. You might be exhausted but no stiff line appears on your forehead which is beaming with sweat. You are not fettered by fatigue. The books and the excitement of gaining knowledge give you respite. Your life is devoid of happiness but you are stubborn to give it a remarkable twist. You occupy a corner and in that dim light, you enlighten your soul to brighten your future. You have been made to live in squalid slums but your heart knows that one day, you will find contentment. The world will be eager to know your ‘rags to riches’ story.

For the rest of your life, you do not want to roam like a wanderer. You want to own a skyscraper, a castle of your obstinate and inspiring dreams. You wish to rule like a queen. The glitter, that spark of your desires is visible in your naked, deep and black eyes. You want to conquer your fears and walk with confidence, holding up your crown, walking down the aisle with pride.


Amorous gazes that met your eyes,

The starving you suffered,

Deprived of luxury,

You led a life of misery.

Bad times saw you closely,

That touched your skin and left it bruised,

Scarred by the circumstances,

You led a life that treated you cruelly.

Pathetic your days have been,

Frightening your nights turned out to be,

Crinkles pervading your life,

And the gruesome bedlam eating you away.

Worse it got to lead a life with simplicity,

Because it was the destiny that landed you here.


Somewhere in the deepest corner,

Rests your dreams,

Which you wonder,

Would they ever come true?


Trust your instincts little girl,

You’ll flourish, develop and prosper.


Just believe!  


10 years later...

The same girl is sitting under those streetlights. After a long-span of time, I saw her here. The glow on her face is vaguely visible surpassing the darkness. Her lips curled to adorn her face with a beautiful smile that contained pride mixed with nostalgia. Her eyes were looking up at the sky, even today, to search for the moon. Perhaps, the moon was hidden behind those bellied clouds and was peering at her. Even the moon knew all her secrets and was recounting those days reminiscing her struggle. It had caressed her with its nonchalance. She counted on him as if it was the only thing she possessed - her valuable moments with the moon. 

The sky, the clouds, the night - everyone knew about her. She had slogged for hours, day and night. And nature knew it well. To bless its daughter, all the constituents of nature agreed upon a thing. And as she was sitting right under a lamp post pondering over her past and present, a drop of water slid down her face. Suddenly, the intensity grew and it started raining heavily. This rain infused her with vitality and she began to dance. She danced until her feet ached. She stared at the sky thanking all of them who were there in her time of need. 

The company of nature shook the inhibitions of the impish girl and pushed her to move forward because she was born to touch the lives of many!

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