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Life is simply a beautiful gift which is only for enjoy. In today's world , we count happyness in terms of success, money , wealth. But is it really true . Simply this idea came into existence because people who are comparing other person's happiness are not happy they are just a bit jealous of next person. If you want to be happy find it in small causes.

It does not require money, it does not require any loved ones. To be happy, there requires only one thing that is you. Find a place, keep your mobile off and disconnect with this world . Disconnect woth all your problem, all your tension just think about yourself and this wonderful life.

Think about every single moment that makes you feel happy. Enjoy this time because it is not going to come afterwards. Also you will find a version of you which is going to cross every boundary every limit that this world had made for you. You are here because god has many plans for you. There is never an ending. Life will go on like always so don't think about making it happy just be that version of you which you wanted to be.

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