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Be nice. Don’t be loud. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t argue. Be modest. Be respectful. Don’t speak out.Be a good wife. Be a good daughter. Be a good sister. Uphold the family honour. This is what we hear every day till the day we die!

It's like an independent, strong headed, intelligent woman is automatically a big threat to the so-called“values" of the society. People instantly try to pull them down. The girl has a boyfriend? Oh my God! She likes to stay out till late in the night with her friends? “Tumhare Sanskar Kahan Hai”! Love marriage? ”Aaj kal ki ladkiyon ka koi bharosa nahi hai” seriously, the rant goes on and on! Every minute a girl is raped, and trust me it's not just the short clothed girl! And what do we do about it? We go on roads to protest and to get justice! But the question is do we get any? No, the very next minute someone else is being raped in some part of the country.

In the country which gives huge hopes to people to treat them equally, why do we have different rules and wages for the male and the female? Deep rooted hatred towards career-oriented women. Why can't the men in this country accept the fact that successful and smart women do exist and they are people too? Why? Does your manhood decrease a little?

Someone right said- "though she be but little, she is fierce!" but do we acknowledge it? NO!

These days we usually come across the quote "but the blame is on you!" didn't get it?

Let me clear it out for you.
You were molested but the blame is on you!
You were groped in public but the blame is on you!
You were raped but yet the blame is on you!
You were acid attacked but girl, the blame is on you!
So why not we (girls) just stop existing!

Touching a girl without her consent doesn't make you a man... It makes you a coward!

India needs to change not just the boys or not just the girls. Rather everyone. Equality must mean equality just not the special preferences or the quotas! It’s fun to be a girl. But it’s not fun to be a girl in India!

So what it’s like to be a girl in India? Probably it depends on your surrounding and the way you take it. It's a bitter-sweet experience. Waiting for the day it'll all be as sweet as a gulab!!


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