A letter to Uncle Justice

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Uncle Justice

Hii uncle! I think your death is coming soon as your power is going down day by day. Nobody follow you uncle, but the speakers indulge you in their every step of life;like it is not the justice,it is being unfair and that all. You are only a subject to be talked but not to be followed. Please be strong again as you were earlier so that the minors may get a chance for good living. You are a judge who can make or destroy many lives in the name of law. Uncle I have many doubts regarding these topics. You please read my letter and solve it. Firstly, books say that the courts are in our nation for justice,equality to all the citizens. But is it actually?

I think the truth should be out and true to say, the courts are for the riches. The client who gives more money win and those who belong to minor groups lose even when their case is true. The high court only sounds high but it is also a puppet of money.

Although there are 24 high courts in India and the oldest one belong to my world,Kolkata but there is also a win of money in most case. People want to be a lawyer because the salary is high and money is the only key to happiness. You have to accept the fact that poverty is misery.

Your name highlightes many things but justice is actually very less to be found. From a child of 07 to a grown of 70 may not know what is justice but surely knows how much limilations it do have. I accept,that sometimes a case in court ends with fair decisions but true ending cases are decreasing from this world. The artificial photos,videos,people,media all become true in front of the honest people and their true voices become a lie.

However uncle by the definitions of your name we get,
Justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness is administered. The ideal of fairness, impartiality, etc., especially with regard to the punishment of wrongdoing is called justice.
Is it really true that in every place your name "JUSTICE" signifies this? Really? But I don't believe it somehow.

According to the sixth right of our Constitution,that is Right To Constitutional Remedies,it is said that "This gives authority to the citizens to move the High Court and the Supreme Court if we believe that any of our Fundamental Rights are violated by the State."
But is it as simple step as it is said? If a right is not given to a poor child,what happens to the constitution? Is it burnt to ashes? But we know child marraige is against the fundamental right of a student which has became a reason for more than 75 suicides leading many bright futures to a dull present.

Our government has taken many steps like "BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO" and had tried hard to stop child marriages but has it reached in every corner of India? In every ears of torturing fathers? Has it?
Are child marriage fully stopped by this action? Some girls are enjoying their rights and getting good jobs while others are ending their life with the beatings of their husband. Is it equality uncle? Is it?

Official pages want the occupation of father,why not of a mother? Is it necessaey for a father to work? Is it banned that a father can't stay at home and do the houseworks? In a certificate relating to woman issues,the issuers want 'wife/daughter of'. But in case of men do they want 'husband/son of'? Is this a prove that India has became independent?
A man can smoke but not a woman. A woman has to cook but not a man. A woman has to hide her face from the world but not a man. Uncle,do you know how painful is it in the hot summers to wear full sleeved,face covered garments?And most pathetically a family want a son but not a girl. Are these rules laid by the government that these are so strictly followed? Still people say India has developed. Is this the development? Why don't you tell these foolish Indians that the birth givers are female not male. Are these equality?

Uncle you are my only way. I am getting mad with my questions and I want my answers as soon as possible. Please don't forget to give the reply in your next letter. Hope you become well as early as possible so that a lost woman and poor Indians could again gain their strength back. Uncle you have to gain your power back so that you don't become a hoading but a symbol of freedom.

An unknown Indian girl.

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