A lesson from the Mute

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‘’Why did you use this glass to drink water when I have given you a separate one to use?’’, my aunt angrily shouted at her maid servant. Lalita cried and begged for an apology. I thought it was the right time to leave my aunt’s place as I had to go back home and complete some assignments. I left for home and on my way back, I could see the sky consuming the Sun. The sunset and the orange sky looked beautiful. I adjusted my pullover properly as it was getting really cold outside. The thought of Lalita crying was still in the back of my mind and before I could even get over it I saw something that turned my eyes moist.


Few boys threw stones at a little kitten and ran away. The kitten started bleeding and cried in pain. A dog who was sitting beside the poor kitten did something unexpected. It came close to the kitten and started licking it and hid the kitten safely with its tail. It embraced the little kitten like it’s own baby. I was moved by the act of the dog and a number of thoughts rushed into my mind. I started walking ahead, stopped and turned back as I wanted to have a last look of what brought tears to my eyes but then I also had to head home as I had a lot of work pending. I reached home, told Mom what happened at my aunt’s place and got back to work.


For some reason I was not able to concentrate in doing my assignments, my thoughts hindered my work. I could not get over the thought of seeing Lalita cry and the image of the dog and the little kitten that my mind had captured was not ready to fade. Something about the two incidents made me restless and I thought of writing about it in my diary just like I usually do.


My diary on page 25 reads:

Lalita was scolded for drinking water in the ‘wrong’ glass. She belonged to a lower caste. But was that really her fault? Why have people made so many divisions in the society that human communication has become difficult? Are we all not God’s children? Do we all not breathe the same air? These divisions that divide people on the basis of their class, caste, race, origin language and colour prove to be useless as the only place they land up is in the grave. Death is an amazing equalizer. Why has unity become so rare and discrimination abundant?


Human beings possess one of the best gifts, and that is the ability to communicate. But has this proven to be of any use to a civilization which has created demarcations in every field possible? Certainly not; because communication makes it possible for people to come close to each other and live at peace and harmony but this has not been of any help to a world of people who are too obsessed with ideas of rich and poor, low caste and high caste, developed and backward. These ideas have rather drifted people apart from each other. The Have Nots have been pushed to be periphery of the society because they have not been able to acquire a good status and wealth as compared to the others in the society. God sent humans to Earth without a mark of distinction, therefore it is not the almighty but the society itself who has created this line which has become the reason of the misery of so many people today.


Those who really deserve the gift of communication, the gift of a voice are not humans but animals because they seem to display the power to understand feelings and unspoken words. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the dog comfort the little kitten with its tail. Is it not a matter of shame that humans able enough to understand words and make friends are yet so lonely? This is because they desire the company of those who fit their class and caste, their colour and ethnicity. The poor kitten would not survive probably if the dog would have thought the same about the little kitten. Of all that I know of animals, cats being the dogs’ enemy is the most common belief. But what I had before my eyes was completely different, that was love and pure friendship. The affection that the dog displayed was free of any kind of prejudice and preconceived notion.


That was real friendship, right in front of my eyes. Animals are better at making friends than humans, better at understanding feelings that remain unspoken, better at gaining a sense of somebody’s pain. They are excellent in communication even when they are so devoid of it.


Nature has so many lessons to give. Can we not take this beautiful lesson from those mute creatures out there and use it in our lives? No caste and class is above humanity. As a human each one deserves the same dignity and respect. We must not disregard people who are poor. I agree with the fact that money earns you a reputation and an assumed social status in the society but does it buy you friendship and affection, harmony and togetherness? No it doesn’t. Money is a great companion for a human being, though a companion only in grave. I believe that just like those two beautiful animals we must break all the boundaries we have set and love without any distinction, love freely.


So the next time you feel that you are about to insult or look down upon someone for being poor or of a low caste just like my aunt did, let not your words come out, shut them in because my dear then, you must know that the animals deserve speech more than you.


"The dinner is ready” mom shouted. I closed my diary, put the pen down and felt some relief. I could now have my dinner at peace, but I still felt very bad about how my aunt behaved with Lalita. While having food I wondered if I could buy a nice present for Lalita as an apologetic gesture. After all, she was just a 20 year old.



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