A Fearless Girl...

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She wears a dress that she confidently flaunts, puts on her heels, beautifies her face and highlights those eyes that speak of her fearlessness, and she carry all her accessories with a charming grace.

She walks down the aisle, looks straight into the eyes of those men with whom her courage and self-esteem had been vying, passes a smile reflecting her satisfaction, takes a puff of cigar along with a glass of red wine.

There she is- celebrating her success. These moments mark her jubilation.

She overcame all those aspersions. She fought bravely against her demonic self and raised herself against the derogatory remarks.

She is victorious. She is celebrating her bravery. She stood fearless against anything that was intended to impede her progress.

She dreamt of standing at pinnacle of success and today, she is right there.

All because, she was fearless.

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