Confused me

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I can't give you good news but I can do the good,

I have goodness in my heart my soul is pure,

I live in gross do you have any heal,

Get your gloves up and find the dust in me,

You I'll just get flowers sieving from me,

I don't have thorns I am a caducous ,

I live on a tree full of strings around me,

Some of you actually know me,

The rights of mine the blooming of me,

Even they can't take me in their home,

Supremes of their won't Cherish my sleeve,

So I got up early for cleaning my sleeves

But I was pure as the holy water squiz,

They kicked me off and made a new world for me,

Is it OK to divide my tree...

Is it a disease or a cursed mean,

I don't know either sitting foolish on my breathe...

I am still confused like a confused me....


                         By -Jhalak

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