Resplendent Wings

uddipta321   11 views   1 year ago

Its a short piece based on a girl who is being forced to marry a guy just because he has a lot of wealth and pomp, without noticing the inner dark side. The girl in turn, took a bold step and courageously stopped this forced marriage.

I'm a girl

preranasinha16   8 views   1 year ago

The poem written below is all about a girl who is facing force marriage by her father and reflects her mental condition. Being a prey of forced marriage,she expresses her grief and sorrow.


jhalak   6 views   1 year ago

Again a woman get hunted by forced marriage.... Here are her words...

Forced marriage

shivaholicvarun   6 views   1 year ago

The agony of a woman , her pain her dented emotions and her cries .... her sacrifice her desires crushed ....