Forced marriage

shivaholicvarun   9 views   2 years ago

The agony of a woman , her pain her dented emotions and her cries .... her sacrifice her desires crushed ....


jhalak   8 views   2 years ago

Again a woman get hunted by forced marriage.... Here are her words...

एक बेटी की उम्मीद

jhalak   26 views   2 years ago

अमीर और गरीब हर प्रकार के परिवार में जबरन विवाह की समस्या बनी हुई है मैंने एक पुत्री बन उसकी व्यथा कहीं है

I'm a girl

preranasinha16   9 views   2 years ago

The poem written below is all about a girl who is facing force marriage by her father and reflects her mental condition. Being a prey of forced marriage,she expresses her grief and sorrow.