She could do better

shamsiwrites   164 views   1 year ago

This poem is about what a woman could have done had she not been married off forcefully to someone. It depicts the sad reality in our country and the fate the girls and women have to go through.

Forced marriage

shivaholicvarun   6 views   1 year ago

The agony of a woman , her pain her dented emotions and her cries .... her sacrifice her desires crushed ....


jhalak   6 views   1 year ago

Again a woman get hunted by forced marriage.... Here are her words...

Resplendent Wings

uddipta321   11 views   1 year ago

Its a short piece based on a girl who is being forced to marry a guy just because he has a lot of wealth and pomp, without noticing the inner dark side. The girl in turn, took a bold step and courageously stopped this forced marriage.