The Day!

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The day I turned 18,
They asked me the gift I want.
With a smiling face and eyes full of hopes,
I said, "I want to be like my madam, I want to go to college". 

Even before I could complete my sentence,
I heard the room full of laughter.
And a tear rolled down my eye a moment after.

I realised that was not the gift i could ask for,
They already have a plan for sure.
My mother asked me to come to the room.
She told me to put some makeup and get well dressed,
Because the boy and the family should not go unimpressed. 

I looked at my mother
With a heavy heart.
I don't want to get married,
My lips uttered in a low voice.
My throat was dry and knees were weak.
Grief and sorrow didn't let me speak.

They told me I am lucky as I have the groom's photo,
Nobody ask for my opinion on that though. 

I saw my dreams shattering,
Hopes scattering,
And my confidence vanishing. 

I talked,
I cried,
I shouted,
I begged, 

I was Surrounded by many,
Heard by few,
But understood by none. 

The books in the corner were dying slow death,
And the diary in bag was no more able to take breath. 

I just want to see you happy,
My father always used to say.
I tried to tell him this is the wrong way.
My heart pleaded for few more years,
I was loosing everything with every drop of tear. 

The 30 year old man accepted me as his bride,
And then began the new ride,
I walked through the door leaving everything beside,
My ambition, that now i can only miss, 
My parents, who had a fulfilled wish. 

Tomorrow is the same day again,
I will turn twenty three.
But this time I"ll write my destiny,
I"ll let myself free.

Free from the bruises i get every night,
Free from the anger i face if i am right.
Free from the responsibilities of a good daughter and a wife.
I will take my last breath with a wish to never born as a girl in my any life.





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