Forced marriage

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It's a bonding of two soul
Not a business deal of selling one emotions to another
She dented her soul ,
She sacrificed her peace
Her feelings were quashed
Her passion was tilted
Yet she continued to find happiness for her partner
The vows she took
The promises she made
She feelings she felt
All she did was to please everyone
Her scars were scary
Her desires got wary
Her emotions were taken for granted
She pleaded for happiness
She bled in sorrowness
The hope went into vain
The happiness turned into pain
Her desires of being a bride made her the widow of her own soul
Her charm and elegance was petrified
Her dreams and wishes were destroyed
All she could do was to Curse
Society will blame her
Peoele will point her
Marriage was her dream
In return what she got made her scream
Her voice was from her soul
Her cries were thought was foul
She compromised
She sacrificed
Yet her pain never gave up on her
The only thing was what she did which was thought as coward act
She kept on believing in hopes
She went into wishes gropes
Her attire become filthy
Her soul become lifeless
Her marriage turned up into a vows of sacrifice and pains
Her faith on marriage waved off
Her trust was tested
Her faith was dented
Marriage was a bond of feelings
Her soul was dented with painful deeds
She cried
Her tears went dried
Her painful echo went into silence
Her emotions shackled into woes
Love was what she was searching for
Pain and sadness was what she was bestowed with
Her dreams were glittery
The reality was jittery
She compromised
She made a companionship with her pain and sadness
Her scares were on her soul
All she cried
All she deprived off
Was respect , love , happiness and respect
Ending her life was her desire
Life become poisonous
The dreams of being a bride turned her into a widow of sadness


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