Forced by you dad

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I was in college second year,
When a notification I came to hear.
From home,from dad
To reach home in a tad.

I took my bag,left in dern;
Hurry down the stairs and ran beside the ferns.

I reached home and knocked the door,
But I was late for the traffic as the clock struck four.
I stepped in the house and ran to dad,
He told that he will present me a thing which I never had.

Mom was lining behind the wall,curious to hear,
Dad started,"Beta I want you to get married to a one whom you can bear,
I have chose one whom you will like,
And he has lots car,money and bike".

I replied "No I can't as my studies are on"
He said "Being a girl your study age has already gone".
I again replied,"No its never possible..my life is my and no one is there for it to handle"
He shouted,slapped and threw me in lightning candle.
Holding my cheek I ran to room,
But already all has started to make me a bridegroom.

I cried and protested a lot,
But there was no question to return from this slot.

Finally I was going to get married,with a unknown person with a look of bride;
With a sadness with no pride.

Dad,unlike your expectations,he struck me hard,
He posed me to do all the houseworks including the works of gard.

I told you before,but you haven't heard me,dad;
I don't know now you are happy or sad.

Mom,Dad he again pulled me closer
Again without my permission,
But I tried my best to push him away,
But he again held me tight and came closer.

I was angry,I was mad
So I pushed him with all the force I had.
But that force was already dead,
He became angry and struck me red.
I began to run but the door was closed,
So I aimed to go far,away from this war.

Again,when I was all alone,crying in the room,
He caught me hard, I shouted and he hit me with the broom.

I looked at him with red,teary eyes,
But he ignored me and touched my clothes,
I tried to move away,but he pulled me so,
Ultimately I was,I was naked by him
And he touched my body like a hungry lion,
I kicked him hard,but he ate me full.

Dad you told he's like my king,
Then does a king do so with his queen?

I was senseless,I was raped
I was lying all alone the bed.

My sindur was still there in my head,
But my bangles all broken,beside me laid.

Skin with marks and all pale,
He want me to die but he failed.

He scared and locked me in,
But I stood and broke the window glass with the can of tin.
I jumped down the pipes through the ropes,
With all my efforts and with good hopes.

I went to police to make a complain,
But between our chats I came to know,
That he is a puppet of money,
Hence neither a complain nor a investigation is good here so.

I felt ashamed,I felt guilt;
I felt no right to make my character rebuilt.

I discovered one way to solve this out,
So I went back to the room without any shout.

I observed my face for the last time,
It was full,with all the marks of crime.
I was willing to cry but not a single tear was left in my eye,
I thought its my destiny and I had to left saying everyone bye.

I took my saree and hung it in the fan,
And pushed the stool down the fan.

I climbed and,suspended myself to leave this unending fight,
I kicked the stool,and the wedding saree held my neck tight.
I was still able to see my shadow in the light,
Which aimed for a better future full of bright.

But my life ended here with a family like this,
But I wish to you,all the girls,for a perfect life of bliss.

My last message to all the dads,
That don't destroy the life of your daughters with the bads.
Remember the girls are also a mother,
So don't disrespect them being a father.
You are a father they are your kids,
They are beings and deserve leads.

The dad who torture their daughter,are not a dad,
They are criminals,they are bad.



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