Domestic violence- hindi poem

ruinedstorm   138 views   7 months ago

Please like it, share and comment if it shakes you. Women gives the birth and deserves the respect. She is the sole creator of life, new life.

It's time to awake..

jhalak   5 views   7 months ago

In India there are more cases of domestic violence then any other problem the difference is most of them are hidden...

घरेलूं हिंसा

Piyush Shukla   16 views   7 months ago

घरेलूं हिंसा का मतलब यह नही होता है कि किसी महिला या लड़की को मारना या पीटना बल्कि इसका वास्तविक मतलब ,किसी भी महिला या लड़की की भावनाओं से खेलना, उसे उसकी मर्जी के विरुद्ध कार्य करवाना , शारीरिक और मानसिक रूप से प्रताड़ित करना।।


Shreya Dubey   43 views   7 months ago

They say marriages are made in heaven

Consensual Rape

mehakmirzaprabhu   96 views   7 months ago

Marital rape is a form of domestic abuse that is never spoken about, infact mostly not considered as a reason to stand up against by the women it self.

An unforgettable fear

jhalak   32 views   8 months ago

Woman is the best creation of God ,only she can sit on the chair of God in the form of Mother.....but the best have to face the worst...