An unforgettable fear

jhalak   35 views   1 year ago

Woman is the best creation of God ,only she can sit on the chair of God in the form of Mother.....but the best have to face the worst...


Shreya Dubey   46 views   1 year ago

They say marriages are made in heaven

Journey of an oppressed- woman

jhalak   150 views   1 year ago

This poem is about the phases comes in life of an oppressed woman from her marriage to her pregnancy and to her equation of being free and make others to help in please read it full...its also a story of a dear daughter

It's time to awake..

jhalak   5 views   1 year ago

In India there are more cases of domestic violence then any other problem the difference is most of them are hidden...


Rajeev Pundir   15 views   1 year ago

How shameful it is that we the men take our lovely and delicate better halves for granted and use and abuse them at our will !! This poem is inspired from a news of a boy who murdered his beloved brutally. We've to stand against this beastly mentality to stop violence against women.

Me and me and a war

variantme   20 views   1 year ago

In the agony of the days spent, she Crys.... She talks to her self and laments. She calls it a war. Yes! A WAR.