Men: The Perpetrators (A Reality or a Mindset)

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This article is all about domestic violence, not against women, but men. Yes, violence against men do breathe in our very society but is always less cogitated upon. According to reports and survey conducted by various charity houses and social groups 2 out of every 5 domestic violence involves men as victim.

When we hear the words “domestic violence”, a picture is depicted in our mind constituting the victim, a girl brutally beaten, bruised to death, enduring to all the ill-treatment. Men are always contemplated as perpetrators and women as sufferer. But is it always so?

According to one of the health care websites which incorporates all the untold stories of men say that 5.35 million men are battered each year which never come into light.

“She never used weapons but she would hit and punch me whenever she got the notion to, cut my clothes and throw them in the yard, abuse me verbally”, says a man asking to be anonymous.

Men too are reluctant to divulge all the mal-treatments they suffer and feel ashamed to call to the police. Even when addressed, are shunned by the authorities under the “traditional gender role expectations”, where men are believed to be tough and girls are thought to be frail.

One such victim says, “I’m just amazed that nobody is willing to listen to me. All my evidences make it very much clear that the incidents she has presented are false and I’m screaming on top of my lungs, but no one listens.”

All men are not beasts. Many are brought up not to hit women under any circumstances and this very nature becomes a bait for their “better half”.

All violence are not always physical but also accounts for mental persecution which eats you deep inside bit by bit every day until they are so hurt and weak that their voices are propelled deep inside that no screams are heard and no pain ever addressed.

Another case reveals how one suffers from mental harassment. The person says,” The abuse is not just physical but psychological as well. Her constant suicide threats have taken an emotional toll on me. I am not allowed to live in my own apartment because of the false complaint she filed terming herself as the victim of my rage.”

In such a situation what a man is supposed to do when some women start using the laws entrenched for their very own protection to put a colossal pressure on men. Aren’t these laws being misused? What do you think?

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