Me and me and a war

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Can't you see!?

There's a war

Between me and me.

For that insanity

Wrenching pain

In my arms and spine,

For the vain In my eyes,

For those blood stains

In my hand

And cuts in my fingers,

I yell in my choked voice.

Puppet am I, he holds threads Ohh! Me,

I want to wage a war

Vacant my hell.

Ohh! Me, you dreamt, You wept, you laughed, You loved, you cared.

But you cant live here Any more.

Ohh! Me,

Knitting wool in hand And aims in mind Decaying is soul Tormenting is body.

Ohh! Me, He came Yet again, to squeeze you till death.

To bang your head to that wall.

To push you away And blame you for that broken vase.

Ohh! Me,

My sword is much sharper This time I'll will stab you.

Let's stab each other And him too.

Lets rapturously praise One another This eve.


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