Journey of an oppressed- woman

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I have many sagas,choose your one,
I will tell you ,the root of one,
The emergance of case,the increase of one,
By your neglection,by my tolerance,
May be they can forget,but i can't,
The scars of burn and the devastated heart,
You use me as a toy and break me with might,
You use me in a bet just like a tribe,
You hustle me in the market and became a deponent,
In the crowd of gloters,in the ocean of myths,
I am being used many time,like a pigmy bread,
This is my story,do you still want to hear?
Do you have the courage,to feel my fear?
Then control your breaths and sit on the chair,
I screeched over night but no one heard...
My lament was just,remain in my tears,
Then i got hanged on the peg of society,
For a false reputation,for a false pride,
They celebrated my presence,in the trinket flight,
My stripped reputation wearing only a smile,
On the next night they repeat it again,
They messed with me,made my life hell,
I had to chase the happiness from drop of fright,
First time in the life,papa's dear cried,
I thought of a beginning,again to start,
He rewrite my story without my start,
He allowed me...to live in his cage,
On his eagerness,on his urge,
I was feeding, totally on his directions,
Not only him but the whole society,
Encountered my individuality in the shade of him,
His greedy umbrella was nothing but a burden,
I was arrested,in the trap of fun,
They mock on me and laughed loud,
Broke my confidence and made me weak,
I was watching an unseen void,coming towards me,
By the feet of fatality with lots of ease,
I was enforced many times by their debric feel,
At the time of ploughing they became a priest,
Had holy water in hands,spreaded on me,
I was amazed with such a bogling change,
Again they turned in their "evil" deeds,
They didn't let swarm a little honey bee,
They were upset with version of me,
Though their son too so why only me,
Oppressed many time and killed my bee,
People were not deaf,they just didn't listein,
Because they loved to be dumb in the place of speak,
They didn't care about a sufferer murdered by their laxity,
Now you must be thinking ,the sense of me,
Thinking i am stangled ,in my own dreams,
No, i am not,just a little pleed ,
I am just a victim of your killing deeds,
You thought about my verginity now think about my individuality,
I am also a branch of this democrated tree,
Raise your voice with me,for the sake of God,
This world is not for violence but for the justice too,
You will help one,more will come in ease,
Be the hero of one ,one will make you see,
How powerful you are with your true deed,
Write your thoughts just like me,
Then make them an equation followed by a species.


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