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-"Dude, that's terrible"- basket whispered -"He hasn't spoken a word since it happened......."

-"Since afternoon......yeah big deal"- Spoon didn't care to be concerned.

-"C'mon Spoon, you know what a jolly good fella kniffy is, it's been 4 hours since he uttered a word and it already seems like ages"

-"Stop basking Basket, he was always a rude, motormouth prick. Let's not blow it out of proportion..."

-"Shut up Spoon, i was on when it happened. I had never seen something like that before, it was horrifying. I suffered a few hits myself"- an infuriated Stove couldn't tolerate anymore.

-"Its thick and red, much more than the last time Kniffy went through beetroot."- Basket wondered

-"Its human blood you fool, I've felt it a couple of times but never more than a few drops. Kniffy is entirely drenched."- said the Chopping board

"I see.....but what happened today shouldn't have happened"- Basket sounded low

-"Yeah? And why do you feel so?"- Stove interjected

-"I don't know Stove, ummm....maybe, you know, i feel she should've let him do what he wanted to....its because she resisted that Kniffy is out of his senses right now."

-"Great, claps for the nethead.....👏🏽👏🏽"- Spoon mocked -"can you even hear yourself Basket?"

-"Yes i do, he pays her....she shouldn't have denied"

-"He pays her for the work she does....he doesn't own her...."-

Stove was enraged to what he heard from Basket
"But, but he gives her money...."
"She earns her money...."
"But he paid for us and he owns us"
"We're objects basket, humans aren't objects"
"Is that.....how.....it goes?"

"Yes, humans can't own fellow humans, that's a rule. He doesn't own her just because she's her domestic help."- Stove's tone got high with every word

"I m sorry stove, i really m......."

"Hahaha, trust me you're not the only one"- Spoon mocked again.
"Its okay Basket....."

"Kniffy, its you.......r u okay bro?"

"I m i guess, m just......a bit terrified guys. I was slicing through the onions, i smelled real bad. Another moment i was dropped from her hands. I saw him touching her inappropriately without her consent. It was only when he forced himself upon her, she picked me and inserted me into his belly........

I can't explain how it felt guys. It was dark and warm, i saw no end to it. She didn't pull me out, he did. Those few seconds were the longest of my life.....i smell worse now."- horror hadn't left the voice of Knife. Fear was evident as He spoke.

"It was necessary Kniffy, this is why I am not sorry for you. Had you not been there, i can't even imagine what he would've done to her..."- Spoon sounded firm.

"You sound scared bro. Let's forget the episode and move on now. We're here for you."- Basket tried to pacify him.

"No basket, m scared for our fate. I sliced through a few parts inside him, he may not survive. The men in Khaki have arrived. I may never see you again. Goodbye my friends..........."

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