An unforgettable fear

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She opened her eyes and saw through the glass window. A bird was perching on the branch of tree planted next to her home by her grandfather. She got up from the bed and open the window but the bird didn't fly away even when she forword her finger towards the bird it came and sit on her finger.Suddenly phone rang and by the sound of ring bird fly away....

She took the call.....it was from her mother who was living  in abroad after divorce....her mother is a doctor and from the separation she was living in abroad...her mother asked to her"Have u woken up?" "of course mother,I am answering to u...it means I have awoken" she replied. "So...have u taken bath...and got ready for your exhibition?"" Oh my god! I just forgot about it...mom I have to go ..talk to u later bye" and she cut the call. She ran to take bath and in less then 15 min she got ready and rush to the exhibition site.When she reached to the exhibition there was a board and after watching that board she got very happy....She entered in the exhibition hall and saw that the hall was full of students from primary schools some came with their parents and some with their teachers.....actually the exhibition was about some general science topics like general ectricity information general magnetic information ...and some other things...related to science...there were several models of science and students were watching and learning about those things by the presenters.She was the owner of that hall...and the name of that hall was "Rajnath's help for new world".  ..and the name of exhibition was" Rajnath's help for new juvenile world".Rajnath was her grandfather.He was a very humble man and he used to help others.After his death she was the only inheritor of her grandfather and she was doing the same.She was standing in the hall suddenly a kid came to her and asked "Hello mam, can you tell me where is the toilet" She looked at him and said "sure..I will take u there " she did this because the kid was not so grown.In the middle of her way to the toilet she saw the locket in the neck of that kid..it seemed familiar to her.So she asked about it" What is this" the kid replied " This locket is given to me by my father " This reminded her about her past and suddenly she stopped ...coincidentally they have reached to the toilet.The kid read the board "Toilet" and leave her hand And rush to toilet.But she was standing still...like a tree thinking about her marriage which was broken because of her husband's behavior.... She had suffered from severe domestic violence... When ever she reminds about that man she got scared...her wounds became fresh and start to hurt again...on her back ,on her hands ,on her waist everywhere.. The sound of belt rubbing on the ground was still traficing every nice sound of her life...and again that kid came and said "Mam I have done, do u also want to go?" She didn't reply to him and watching his face..with stangness....then a couple came and said "oh my god! You are here and we were looking for you everywhere " They came and take their son's hand and take him with tgemy..She saw the man's face and took a deep breath... The kid was waving his hand by saying "good bye" ...she also wave her hand with a satisfying smile on her face ...one of her employees came to her and said " Anita mam, Principals of some schools wants to meet u..please come....

By Jhalak.

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