A stamped on Rose

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“Swollen red lips, bruised rosy cheeks, blood running down along the vermilion filled forehead.”

She sat there still under the shower as the water ran down her wounds. An unusual scenario which is a usual routine for this lady is an everyday story of some of the women staying in our neighbour or even in our family but we prefer to be silent. We see them smiling outside but we never try to look at the wounds crying aloud because deep down inside we think “why should I get into the matter?” Here the real problem arises: the unspoken crime of our country “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”.

A girl becomes a bride wrapped in a rose red bridal suit with dew drops of dreams and desires who is meant to be kept in a vase to increase the beauty of the house and spread the sweet scent of love but instead, she is plucked and thrown on the floor and stamped on. A woman is seen as a treasure, no not in a positive way but in a way that not only affects her but also her family, yes “dowry” is the name of it. She is seen as an easiest way of income in some of the family, if she refuses she gets brutally tortured not only physically but also mentally. In everyday news we read at least one story where the in laws kill the new bride for not giving dowry or in some cases the girl is also burnt alive for the same reason. Not only because of dowry, but if she gives birth to a girl child, she is the one who is blamed and is tortured for the same.

Domestic violence gives birth to something which is unexplainably legal i.e. marital rape. If the man is tagged as the husband then he can do anything with his wife, whether she wants it or not; after all rape after marriage is not actually rape. If her body is not in state of making love, still she has to lie down so that her so called beloved husband can fulfil his physical desires anytime he wants, after all he is her husband and husbands don’t rape, they make love and that’s totally legal.

After being brutally tortured by in laws, continuously being raped by husband; she is expected to do all her chores and in addition to that she has to behave as a happy lady as her children are connected to her. Domestic violence is not limited to just physical torture; the woman is not allowed to follow her dreams, she is not allowed to speak, she has to cover her face with a veil or burkha all day; that’s how a woman is tortured mentally.
According to National Family and Health Survey in 2005, the total lifetime prevalence of domestic violence is 33.5%. The instance of violence is highest among Muslim women in India. Men reportedly being perpetrator of domestic violence with 22% reporting physical abuse, 17% sexual abuse, 59% psychological and 59.5% other form of domestic abuse.

Ad campaigns such as “Bell Bajao: Bring domestic violence to a halt” in which Boman Irani, a Bollywood actor is seen ringing the bell of a house where a man is beating his wife. This ad campaign gave a direction to the outsiders who can help a woman from being tortured by interfering.

Basically domestic violence does not see any religion or race; it’s an outcome of the male-dominant society. The girl-child is brought with the ideology that all the men in her life are superior to her and being a girl she has to accept everything. In such kind of society, equality is not even a word in their dictionary. For such society woman is a breed of human who is meant be stay covered, do only household chores, give money for leaving her parents and be a toy of her husband to play with. Domestic violence along with its partners dowry and marital rape come together and crush down the little rose. I don’t know if the society needs to change or the law has to be amended; but something has to be done otherwise there will be no rose left in your garden. Protect the roses of your family because she is a mother, a sister, a wife, a friend don’t let her down help her to stand in our society head up high.Lets all join hands and make the society breathable for the women.
“Stop the torture, because she is the one who nurtures.”


Image Source : realworldsurvivor

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