Caste of Love

Rajeev Pundir   36 views   2 years ago

There's no place of caste, creed or anything like that in love. What is required in love is - A heart; filled with love but vacant like absolute space devoid of all kinds of social prejudices, stigmas and conditions.


jhalak   62 views   2 years ago

कभी मनुष्य की इच्छाएं उससे कुछ ऐसे गुनाह करवा देती हैं जिनकी कोई माफी नहीं होती......

Where Arth Thou?

uddipta321   39 views   2 years ago

This poem describes the pain of a boy as the girl whom he loves left him for no reason. The boy doesn't seem to understand why she had left him. He is going through a lot of pain and desperately wants her back for he still loves her deeply.