Dear mom and dad

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Am just a kid trying to escape this golden cage of yours and I write not cause you have done nothing for me,  but cause it's time that I do something for myself.

Its not that I don't love you or that I don't respect you,  but I think it's time you should know that,  this kid is a kid no more,  like every  other kid  I have been  hiding behind the facades of your overly protection for too long  and yearn for my freedom.
No I don't wanna escape from the reality, it's just that the hands which raised me up all along till now are the only thing which are pulling me down. I can't rise above to become what I want to, cause whatever I see, you refuse to believe. You  say that you have experience ,  but times have changed and the world which you lived in is the world which no longer ceases to exist.
Time changes people they say and I am sorry to say but this house no longer feels like home. It's time that i face the world alone without any restraints on my own. I can't bear the rules any longer, cause I am a kid no more.
It's  s not that i don't love you,  but i love my life and my future more. I have been broken and bent,stuck reversely in  a time that mends . I wanna live on my own and I wanna run on my own,  and love the things I own . Just let me go,  cause I don't wanna be your hero,  I wanna walk this road of life with everyone else. I don't wanna be a big man,  I wanna live happily like everyone else.
I am not yours am afraid to say  cause I was born  a free man in this grateful  heavenly place. You have stood by me when I needed you the most but it's time,  it's time for you to let go. I can't no longer hide behind the overprotective  shadows of your days,  cause i crave , yes I do crave for my own heavenly place.
For how long will I walk  behind you, holding your hands like a fool, you know it's time cause you know am growing  old , but how long will you hold on to something that wants to let you go ?
These are my nights and my days,  i have nothing to give nothing to take,  i thank you  for all you have ever done,  but trust me it's time for you to fade.
Yours lovingly
Your lost son.

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