Caste of Love

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Caste of Love:

After almost a courtship of two years, the boy asked the girl, "Finally, you have decided to marry me?"
The girl gave a nod in affirmation.
"Would like to reveal a fact before you," the boy said, his mood quite serious.
"Fact?" the girl perplexed.
"That I'm a scheduled caste, an untouchable," the boy said trying to read her reaction.
And the same happened he had expected and prepared himself in advance.
The girl moved ahead and slapped him, slapped him so hard that his eyes oozed a few drops of tears, making him stunned.
"The only fact between us is only one thing and that's - love!" the girl said angrily.
Then she took a step further, came closer to him, lifted herself to stand on her toes and kissed his misty eyes.

Somewhere, in a distant temple someone rang the bell.

And they hugged each other against the backdrop of dipping sun.

Rajeev Pundir.


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