Bag Is Heavy

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I am six years old


I think I was sold 

to my parents. 

I know the statement is bold

but hold 

on a second. 

Try to listen 

and not hear,

coz I can't bear

any longer. 

My bag is heavy. 

No don't think it is the books

I mean here. 

These are the hooks 

that you keep barking around. 

They have filled my bag,

you must score 98,

What ! Only 98;

you should top

the class. 

Maybe, you should stop

and look at me. 

I am tired


I feel like I am wired 

to your expectations.

Talk to me or

spare an ear. 

I want you to hold me

and ask me

What do I want to do?

May be I will get a gold

or maybe fly 

across the globe. 

It is a slippery slope,

I can slip to the bottom 

or go up the rope

Let me have some hope. 

I will make you proud

But please don't follow the crowd. 

Fill the empty space with 

hope and option

like a concoction. 

So I don't feel the pain

and put the blame

on you. 


My bag is heavy.


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