Beautiful she

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Sin met a sin in her eyes. 
Holding  a sour bitter sugar candy, she stands under a shade now. Alone.
Wandering around like a nomad, 
there in the solitude, her soul speaks to the walls of skin.  
In the same old way, it reminds her the past ruins, in flame's eye.
In the dark summer sky, she feels the burn. 
The beauty adorns her in and out, in her thoughts and smile.
Meeting a stranger in front of a mirror, she screams.
She dint wanted to see more, she closes her eyes.
In dark she looks within.
In her, those days still live.
The days of love, that she lived.
She had dreamt about peace and future.
She still lives there alone, with a bruised skin and heart,  with the broken pieces of heaven.
For the moment's yell she screams, for its joy, she celebrates, but never would she see herself pretty as before.
She was a lady, all she wanted was to look beautiful again, to stitch the bruises of heart and glow.
But she visits the void everyday,
resides in the empty, yearning in the hush of sorrow.


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