Acidic Atrocities

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“It was sunset half past six
while she walked the way with zest.
She was angel with the crux

gleaming on her breast.


In a gorgeous glittering gown

which shone as white as moon.

Her chuckles dug cheeks so deep

while with friends on gossip heap.


Long on queue with friends

at the church on Easter bliss.

Queue was soon a mass

then he did throw it on her face.


She didn't grasp it quick

(that) it was not just for fun.

She made a playful smirk

which inflamed her face with burn.”

This poem abruptly slammed my eyes. I sluggishly gulped saliva with a fear of burns as if i was swigging Acid down the throat. Moisture on my face vapourized instantly, while I was on its last line. I was panicked for an Acid Attack on me.

I quickly went in search of the story behind it.

“It was sunset. A happy 14 year girl was walking down the street to the church.
The easter celebration was on, at the church and that small church was filled with the Jesus lovers.
She, along with her friends had to wait in a queue at the gate. She was dressed in a glaring white angel frock with the cross over her grown up chest. She was the angel midst her friends while one hated her the most.

Her refusal with a slap, to accompany his cheap bodily exploratory curiosity over past 2 years had implanted a seed of revenge for which he now got a chance.

As the queue dissolved into disordered gathering, he hit the bottle of acid at her face.

She thought it was water splash for fun and smiled instantly.
That innocent smiling face bubbled out boiling, while he had disappeared already.” 

I was shattered. I was all dry at throat while tears drenched down the eyes. Resuming after a long pause, I started reading all the Acid Attack stories along with the story i was searching for.

There were many stories as such. All these attacks were on a woman or a girl who either stood against the sinner for his crime or for refusing strongly for some atrocity on her.

One more case reported, was classified under Domestic Violence which ended in Acid Attack. That was the epitome of Domestic Violence cases i had been through.

“Once there lived a family of two in a village. The father was died at the time of his daughter’s birth. The Mother worked really hard to raise her daughter. It was high time for her daughter’s marriage. The Mother worked more for the day to arrange money for her daughter’s marriage.

She once contacted a family on her friend’s suggestion. The friend was so close to her and knew her struggle for money. She approached the family seeking job. She did household chores. They agreed to pay her.

Few months passed and she was now ready. Then she was in search of a groom. But the daughter said that she has already found a boy and asked her mother to bless them. Since the boy was from higher class family, they laid a demand for dowry.

Helpless mother fulfilled all their demand on marriage and was left with some money which she gave them as dowry. Years passed and she was quite free from a huge responsibility. But her daughter returned to her mom after two years. She was sent back home to get more dowry for which she was physically abused and tortured.

The mother cried helplessly and could do nothing. The daughter stayed with her mom while half year later her husband and family came in search of her. They publically tortured both mother and daughter for getting no money. They said they could no longer wait and threw acid on The Mother and her daughter. Later they burnt them alive.”

I was deeply hurt with the society’s brutal acts. In search of a remedy for suffered hearts, I approached few NGOs to come up with an idea for their benefits. Creating awareness was the first mission for which few NGOs collaborated together and campaigned all over the nation, spreading the vision of remedy for suffered hearts.

Funds were raised from various social and public platforms. With media support for this huge initiative, the funds raised were sufficient for the idea. The rehabilitation centers were started all over the nation. The centers had specialized doctors and Psychologists to treat the victims of such attacks and bring back the sufferers to stability.  The counsellors were appointed to make victims deal with the society confidently like never before. The funds essential was raised from public at the beginning. Very soon, The Government took the initiative in collaboration with the NGOs and looked after the funds required.

But the victims in these rehabilitation centers increased which again reflects the society. The attacks has seen an exponential growth. Such attacks and violence are still happening in a wide range.

A recent horrible attack hit my ears. An undergraduate college, admitted one of its students to the hospital who broke into the chemical laboratory of science department and grabbed a couple of glass vessels. One had a toxic chemical while the other was of acid. He raced into the corridor to reach his class.

He splashed acid out of the vessel on a girl and poured the toxic chemical into his gullet. He was so swift that no one could realize what he was doing till he threw acid on the girl.

The boy and the victim girl were soon admitted to the hospital. The whole incident was the outrage for his failure in love. He knew the fact that he would be a disgrace to the society for which he attempted suicide. He succeeded in his attempt.

In his letter he had stated the reason for his act and had mentioned the Rehabilitation Center, asking to take good care of the girl he loved.

This report blurred my eyes and the mind. The whole purpose behind the initiative was misinterpreted by this guy.

This incident was an eye opener. Our initiative is never going to reduce the number acid attacks in the nation. Instead, It is yet another chain of hospitals, treating victims/patients.


“The burnt out voices show

my nation's ugliness.

Now round the globe just know

my country’s cruel face.


There's been no fierce rule

to burn them all alive.

They do leave no sole clue,

Should that let rouges just live?”


“Fie upon those who do such evil acts, Coz a girl is worshipped no less than a god, in fact .

Let the chemicals & acids make some noise,

but just confined within the labs.

While she works with all responsibility ,
It's our bound duty to protect her and her chastity .

Lend a shoulder or a hand ,
Together to give her strength to stand.

Let’s stay away from acid & knife,
Instead, help her stand and build her life .”


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