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A horrible laugh emanated from the figure sitting at the other end of the rectangular room. Half of the room was dimly lit and the place in the room from where the laugh, which had changed into wailing cry, was coming, was shrouded by the darkness. The mixture of laughing and crying was so frightful that he felt his heart sinking.


Suddenly, in front of him somebody holding a knife emerged from nowhere and started to stare him intensely, his eyes filled with hate, boiling in anger and seemed to be seeking revenge from him. The wailing cries were echoing in the room unabatedly.


He spat over his face a couple of times and then registered mighty slaps over his cheeks on both sides. He felt like stars twinkling before his eyes and before he collapse on the ground, that person held him and obliged him to stand. His legs started to tremble and before they crumble, he nailed the tip of the sharp knife into his ribs. A streak of blood drenched his torso and started to drip on ground traversing over his thighs.


Then, the person picked a jug kept over a stool and threw some liquid over his face.


Within no time, his facial skin and muscles melted and the molten lava started to flow over his chest. Out of pain, he was screaming like hell but no one came to his rescue.
Writhing in pain, he babbled, "Who are you and why this cruel and inhuman treatment with me?"

"Anya, come here and let him know who we are."


The man took a pocket mirror out from his shirt's front pocket and offered him to have a look of his image in it. His grimace was showing the degree of his hate and anger for him.
And no sooner he slipped a look at the mirror, a cry came out of his mouth.


His face had turned like roasted meat exposing his jaw and cheek bones. Surprisingly, he found one of his eye was not damaged.
"I don't want to see my face. It's so scary. Why did you spare my this eye?" he wailed.


"So that you could see the result of what you did to my daughter," the man said laughing hysterically.


He immediately got who they were and cursed himself for throwing acid on Anya's face a few days back.

 Rajeev Pundir

09/July/ 2017

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